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About Information Enterprises

Background, Mission, Vision and Approach

Information Enterprises is based in the State of Massachusetts USA and was established in 2002 and officially became a corporation in January of 2003. Information Enterprises was originally founded to create custom e-commerce web sites that provide specific informational reports to various target markets. However after being in businesses for several years the company began to almost exclusively focus on being a national leader in employment screening and tenant screening services. Since 2003 we have grown our business in all 50 US States and have become more focused on developing and selling premium criminal background check reports for hiring managers and landlords. Our reports include eviction record reports, criminal background reports, driving record reports, social security number with address history reports and professional verifications.

We now have two flagship websites, for employment screening purposes and for tenant screening. provides in depth criminal record reports to the entire USA and can perform criminal background checks in each of the 3,143 counties in the USA. The site also offers statewide criminal checks in most US States, it also allows for multi-state searches, and national criminal background checks all year long. The site can also be used to place SSN Traces with Address History which many customers use in tandem with criminal background checks. The SSN Trace helps validate a social security number as well as returning all the addresses a person has lived in that has been connected to their SSN. This helps a hiring manager know where to look for criminal records. This site is predominately built for employment screening purposes to be utilized by companies, organizations, hospitals, universities, government entities and communities within the USA. We only serve the USA. provides credit reports, credit scores, eviction records, criminal records, leasing recommendations and other useful information via customized reports to specific target markets, mainly the tenant screening/applicant screening market including apartment management companies and independent landlords.

Information Enterprises delivers useful data in the form of professional reports that has previously been difficult to obtain, of poor quality, hard to interpret or substantially over-priced on the internet. By delivering high-quality, clearly-formatted and substantive data, Information Enterprises better serves the informational needs of individuals, businesses and organizations based in the USA.

Information Enterprises retrieves public records, court records and other decision-making data for individuals, companies and organizations. We distribute public records, from criminal background checks to eviction records. We currently specialize in background screening services for the employment screening arena and tenant screening arena.

We are constantly creating innovative ways to access, analyze and display public records and other useful information. We set industry standards for usability, turnaround times (for our search results), and quality and clarity of content. When using our services for employment screening or tenant screening purposes our customers need to trust the background reports they receive from us, that is why we adhere to strict methods and procedures to ensure our reports are accurate, current and an exact match of the person being investigated.

This constant vigilance guarantees the highest quality background reports available in the USA today. Additionally all of our records, reports and services can be accessed electronically locally, regionally or nationwide.

Information Enterprises works unceasingly toward improving all of its services to create the highest customer satisfaction. the way public records and other forms of useful data get accessed, stored, analyzed, formatted and displayed is continually evolving, and information enterprises is at the crest of that wave.

As we build more high-quality informational bridges with reputable organizations, data providers and researchers, we aim to be the most trusted source for online informational reports in the USA. Our records, reports and data can reduce our client’s exposure to risk and aid in the intelligent decision-making process. With tools such as instant criminal background checks, our clients acquire the information they need quickly, easily and confidently.

Information Enterprises owns and manages over 100 domain names that were hand-picked to become the next wave of report driven targeted websites. As more and more data clutters the internet, rest assured you will have a place to go for real factual current information always available on any of our websites.

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